Why Would You Need a Patent Expert Witness? Why Would You Need a Patent Expert Witness?
The manner we do business today is way different than the manner business was conducted in the past. For one, we now have online... Why Would You Need a Patent Expert Witness?

The manner we do business today is way different than the manner business was conducted in the past. For one, we now have online businesses which conduct buying and selling via the internet.

Online merchandise is only possible because of the use of proprietary platforms. These online platforms are based on bespoke software that each online company uses to conduct its business.

Some online companies resort to copying customized software of popular companies to conduct a competing business. And this is where the services of a patent expert witness will come in.

Why Companies Copy Other Company’s Platform

A company may copy the software being used by another company for several reasons:

  1. The original software used by a certain company is very effective in converting inquiries to actual buying customers.
  2. The company wants to economize on software development since it entails a lot of cost to develop a successful online business platform.
  3. The competing company has a similar product. Therefore, to fast track his online business and start earning right away, he just copies your software.2

Service Nature

If you suspect that a competing company is using the same business software or platform as the one you are using in your online business, you may want to sue that competitor in court for patent infringement.

This is where you will need the services of a patent expert witness. He will provide an expert testimony or witness on your litigation against the competing company. This witness will also help you determine the amount of damages you can charge the defendant.

He will use his knowledge about copyright and trademark law, as well as his know-how of the relative technology and industry to force the competing company to pay for damages and discontinue using your proprietary software.

Choose an Appropriate Expert Witness

Since it is your business software that is being copied and used by your competitor, you must choose a patent expert witness that specializes in this line of business. In this case, the expert witness should have ample knowledge and experience in:

  • Software development
  • Copyright infringement
  • Design, Development, and Programming of websites
  • Patent Legitimacy or Infringement
  • Collaborative Marketing
  • Development of mobile applications and software
  • Development, Marketing, distribution, and licensing assessment of video and online games

You should also seek someone who has a good batting average. That means he was able to help a majority of his clients win their legal battles over those who have copied their business platforms.

The Time to Act Is Now

Since online business is going on 24/7, you can’t wait for tomorrow to stop someone or another business from using your proprietary software or business platform. Every second of the day is important in online marketing.

Since you are the original developer of the software, you must be the only one to reap its benefits, and not just anyone who copies it because of its effectiveness in attracting and converting visitors to buying customers.



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