What is the Future Evolution of Cell Phones? What is the Future Evolution of Cell Phones?
Ever think the mobile industry is becoming boring? Several bits of millimeters added there and here? Somewhat sharper screens? Marginally manipulated quicker processor? The... What is the Future Evolution of Cell Phones?

Ever think the mobile industry is becoming boring? Several bits of millimeters added there and here? Somewhat sharper screens? Marginally manipulated quicker processor? The simple truth is that today, there are improvements in the mobile industry which make this era’s phone more adaptable to meet our evolving needs. From infinite solar battery to wearable keyboards, to screens folding in sections, it’s crystal clear that the only constant is change. Technology in the mobile industry is changing at the speed of light, as the tool to improving efficiency in our daily lives.

From the days of the cell phone being a few pounds to today’s most sleek recent wearable technologies that move with you, the use of biometrics for security to keep you more mobile than ever, we have come a long way. Today being connected means being a Tweet away or snapping you favorite selfie videos or texts being tethered to the evolving social network landscape.

We have come a long way, baby


Cplus& Folio: Lenovo’s new crazy, flexible phone & Tablet

How will it feel to wear your cell phone device on your body? One cannot be better connected unless they figure a way to embed new technologies within our bodies and no doubt they will. But today the latest is easily manipulated bendable flexible so it conforms to your body and your style. The phone maybe sleek to conform as a part of your wardrobe but when detached it has the basis, the screen, text area, battery etc., to make sure that we do not sacrifice talk quality for mobility and flexibility. This technology from the leader Lenovo has not been released yet as how it will fit onto all forms of humantypes has not been fully finalized.

Samsung Patent: We will interact with Future Smartphones Differently

Smartwatches are also evolving, to be the more practical face of the future, but their present small displays and clunky interfaces is an obstacle to them throttling to full potential. There is hope, nevertheless! Samsung’s new patent is the most promising.

The patent features a new technology that uses laser to project a virtual user interface onto the wearer’s hand. “Buttons” that are touch sensitive would also be projected onto the hand, forearm or any area of the arm which is large enough to provide a wider and comfortable platform for the interaction of the wearer with their watch.

This innovation isn’t finite to smartwatches alone. Its characteristics can also be useful for VR/AR headsets as well as full-sized laptop-like interfaces that broadcast projections onto the wall around an individual via smartwatch.

This is only a patent, and it doesn’t imply the designer of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is actively working on the technology. But the thought of futuristic lasers beaming from a watch as a control gadget sounds awe-inspiring.


The future of Apple’s iPhones

Apple hasn’t announced any major changes other than the most current elimination of ear phones and replacing the conventional connections with 3.5mm socket with Lightning ports on all Apple products for greater ease of connections. However do not under estimate Apple with motion charging from grapheme and lithium-air batteries to holograms, OLED, and bezel-free designs (more screen less metal)

Like with all cell phones Apples major changes will be in energy changes making their phones capable of longer sustainable charges lithium-air and the most innovative motion with kinetic energy which will be more suitable for the their smart watches.

Apple has developed its own solar capacity. Apple’s new patent suggests that Apple is planning to build solar cells underneath the touchscreen on smartphones in future. The panel would recharge during the day and you wouldn’t need to plug your phone into the socket any more. Good for the planet, convenient for us. And while unlikely to appear as early as 2016’s iPhone 7, this could easily be ready for the big reveal when the iPhone 8 takes is revealed in 2018.

The trend is to durability, the need for cases will become obsolete as the most sensitive part of a cell phone is the protection of the screen. Apple has taken Gorilla glass to a new level with sapphire screens which will be the ultimate durable protection, but Sapphire is being used on their smart watches, so the next level of ultimate sci-fi protection is Grapheme. This new substance made from graphite perhaps the most durable of all. Grapheme is a coatable material which will allow for the next growth in flexible wearable devices which Apple has developed an exclusive patent; meaning a future packed with the most versatile devices applied enhancements in all shapes and sizes.

To keep connected with active lifestyles Apple will make their devices waterproof using a more efficient OLED screen the state of the art working without a backlight; thus, it can display deep black levels and can be thinner and lighter than a liquid crystal display (LCD).


Holograms will allow broadcasting screens on other surfaces so the actual device size can keep being minimized. 3D technology will raise the art of the phone for better clarity and dimension while having new super revolution photos and videos as stabilization becomes perfected. Focusing will be automatic. There will be interchangeable lenses that will eliminate the need for cameras keeping all that is needed, keeping in touch keeping energized and keeping the capturing of precious moments as easy as answering your phone. Connections to your smart house, car, to emergency contacts doctors or ambulances will be transparent; Apple will keep transforming our lives

Innovations in Sustainable Energy

In the perfect world there will be endless energy. Small devices are perfect to expand this concept so no matter where you are or what you’re doing, no matter the amount of energy you consume taking videos at a concert or sharing your experience with the world, all devices will need endless amounts of energy. The solution is solar energy as one year of sunshine can provide us with enough energy to run all aspects of our planet indefinitely so why not harness the energy in a way that keeps us mobile.

Smart clothing will allow this ultimate combination. In your pockets or on your arm in your shorts or in your pocket now the smallest charging pads millimeters thick allow the body to transmit the energy through the clothing. You will never have to plugin again. Like wireless technology allows more economical Internet solutions wearable clothing will allow more efficient charging solutions. Victoria Secrets has smart underwear, bras, while major brands like Ralph Loren and Tommy Hilfiger with conventional clothing it is just a matter of time before your favorite brand offers wireless wearable capabilities. Just think with 3D renterswhich can make the pads to charge they can be disposable in the future which means energy can be available where ever you go even perhaps in your chargeable wireless wetsuits.

Infinite solar battery

The birth of most improvements of smartphone technology came at the expense of battery life. We have seen the movement to streaming medias, creating more demands of power, which means that cell phones need more power. While we may use cell phones in the same way as always, to text and make calls, today we want to be there, which means more power usages, gaming today is at 4g speed, downloading is done in seconds as compared to having to wait for the downloading process to complete, streaming videos, rather than static images are the norm as advertisers want to attract our attention.


So today the next generations of cell phones are being developed using Lithium-air which uses oxygen as the oxidiser, rather than a material, and for the end user this means 5 times the current battery life. Some cell phones today are using solar power technologies converting sun rays into energy stored on a battery, means endless power it will take at least 100-watts of solar power to recharge a 100-amp hour battery. This will vary based upon direct sun verses indirect lighting. Being untethered from a USB to the endless supply of sunshine is emancipating.

Tap Strap: The Incredible Wearable Keyboard

When you want to type, you don’t need to touch your tablet, phone, or keyboard again, all thanks to the Tap Strap. The innovative wearable virtual keyboard which connects to devices via Bluetooth converts finger motions into key presses making it possible to type out messages on whatever surface.

Like a glove, you wear it by sliding it over your fingers. It analyzes the movements of the finger with the aid of a soft smart-fabric with which it is made. It can be worn on either hand, or you can wear two to boost your typing speed.

With different gestures of the hand, different characters or digits appear on the screen, punctuations and special characters included. Though the makers of the Tap Strap – Tap Systems – didn’t give a hint on how it works, a report from Bloomberg suggested that each tap from every single finger converts into a vowel, and combinations translate to consonants.

The Tap Strap connects via Bluetooth and works with almost all mobile gadgets, including VR headsets. It is presently compatible with Mac OS X and Window, including iOS and Android devices.

This is not a matter of a new style iphone 7 from iphone 6 or a new Samsung Galaxy this is a revolutionary change that we all will need, so rather than the old technology being retrofitted we will see a whole new generation of devices that will be operated with great ease, movement and transparency.


Intelligence the optimal solution

With the next decade encroaching ever nearer means new technologies are on the horizon. Developers speak of open architecture. Imagine one day being able to modify your devices to conform to your own needs, which means the hardware and software can be manipulated, revised at will. The more open the more possibilities, so there are not boundaries, devices will allow us to think outside the box, inspire us into the next frontier. We recommend going to cellvideoz.com to stay informed. Never be tethered again or be limited by what the energy or signal available.


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