SpecGrade LED has developed LED highway lighting systems that are energy­efficient and economical, and that improve motorist safety in even the worst of environmental weather conditions....

SpecGrade LED has developed LED highway lighting systems that are energy­efficient and economical, and that improve motorist safety in even the worst of environmental weather conditions. The company’s highway LED systems are engineered to provide an average of 100,00 hours of continuous operations with none of the performance degradation that may have been typical of earlier generations of Highway LED lighting. Legislation and transportation regulations are encouraging towns and municipalities to transition to more efficient and safer lighting for their highways. SpecGrade LED has the products and systems that can make that transition safe and effective.


SpecGrade LED’s highway lighting systems incorporate precision­molded optical lenses in luminaires that provide unparalleled light beam uniformity across roadway surfaces. Motorists and pedestrians will appreciate this uniformity as it provides the clearest picture of highway conditions with no dark spots or dimly­lit areas. The company’s luminaires are available across a range of beam distributions from type I (narrow) to type V (broad).

The company’s die­cast aluminum luminaire housings are designed to withstand all weather extremes, from high to low temperatures, wind, rain, and snow and ice. The housings are designed to reduce and dissipate thermal loading to improve the lifespan of the luminaire. Longer­lasting fixtures translates into more continuous operation with fewer maintenance problems. Further, when a luminaire is damaged or reaches the end of its useful life, SpecGrade LED’s modular systems simplify the repair and replacement of a single fixture with no shutdowns of adjacent fixtures.


Unlike traditional metal halide or high­pressure sodium fixtures, SpecGrade LED’s fixtures are available with multiple optic options to improve beam, uniformity and eliminate glare that can blind a motorist or pedestrian. The company’s dimpled optic lenses reduce fixture glare. Where that glare is a particular concern, SpecGrade LED also offers custom lens diffusers and color controls that eliminate all fixture glare problems. Client:  SpecGrade LED

Doc Code: SGL­OCT16­PR1

In addition to improving overall highway safety, SpecGrade LED’s highway lighting systems provide unparalleled quality and performance. The company pioneered and patented an LED heat sink technology that reduces thermal load degradation on its fixtures and increases their useful lives. Its fixtures operate at temperatures that are, on average, 20% cooler than competitors’ luminaires. In addition to extending the life of the luminaires, this heat sink technology guarantees that no reduction in beam quality will affect its fixtures over a long period of operation. SpecGrade LED’s light systems will perform to a high standard for many years after initial installation.

Please see SpecGrade LED’s website, or call us at 888­572­3664 to speak with one of our consultants about our highway LED lighting technology.





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