Improve your website’s DA – Keep checking through the Bulk Site Checker tool Improve your website’s DA – Keep checking through the Bulk Site Checker tool
DA or Domain Authority is a yardstick for measuring the metric of a website, invented by Moz. For the search engine optimizers, this is... Improve your website’s DA – Keep checking through the Bulk Site Checker tool

DA or Domain Authority is a yardstick for measuring the metric of a website, invented by Moz. For the search engine optimizers, this is one of the most vital numbers. The higher the DA is, the more will be the chances to obtain higher rank and increased search engine traffic. The million dollar question asked by the novice optimizers is, “Can the DA be changed or is it something immoveable and unchangeable?” The answer is that there are definitely some practical strategies that you can take to boost the DA of your website. If you don’t know what they are, you may go through the concerns of this article.

A few facts on Domain Authority

Once you know these simple yet tricky facts on DA, it will be clear to you about how you can increase your Domain Authority and rank higher in search engine result pages.

There are lots of factors on which domain authority is based. Primarily, the factors are related to the link profile of the website, as to how many backlinks are being redirected to your website and ‘of how much authority’ are those sites. It is extremely difficult to obtain a DA number which is around 100. Only giant websites like Google and Facebook have it and hence if you’re a startup, you shouldn’t get disappointed about not being able to achieve that number. You can’t ever directly influence DA. You can never bring about a change in your Domain Authority Score in a way you change meta-tags of your site.

So, what are the ways in which you can boost your DA score?

Make sure your SEO is effective enough: As a key to foundation, abiding by all the technical aspects of SEO is extremely important. You might not find it necessary to optimize your robots.txt or chalk out the URL structure of your website, but that doesn’t make these any less essential. First things in SEO should always come first. When it comes to DA enhancement effort, technical SEO is the main thing to take care of. You have to make positive changes to the overall SEO of your site which includes navigability, site structure, URL structure, breadcrumbs, header tags, meta tags, keywords, word count, alt tags etc. Produce content that is linkable: Now this is something that has a somewhat-more effect on your site’s DA. If you’re putting in content marketing efforts, you should have numerous linkable contents. Create infographics and articles almost everyday, provided your articles are more than 1000 words and your infographics and big and voluminous. You might be thinking that this is heck of a content but this pays off in more ways than one. Content is the main thing that drives business. However, the content can’t be simple content; it has to be powerful, valuable and should have high authority. Develop internal link building: As the craze of higher quality backlinks is more popular, internal backlinks is often forgotten by optimizers. When there is internal linking in a webpage, it weaves and effective network inside your website which is advantageous to both the search engines that crawl to index your site and the user. This is why you should have more content in your website so that you can have more links.

Bulk Domain Authority Checker – Check your DA, PR and IP address

Among the many SEO tools available in the market, this is one is an important one as it helps you bulk check a long list of URLs for Page Authority (PA), Domain Authority (DA), IP addresses and Page Rank (PR). If you wish to know the aforementioned information of few URLs, you just have to enter the list in the text area that you find in the tool and click on the button that says ‘Fetch’. A table will soon appear with all the important data in it. This data is downloadable and for that you got to click ‘Export to Excel’ which appears below the table. Here are the available metrics that will be measured by the Domain Authority Checker tool.

Moz DA ( on a scale of 1-100) Moz PA ( on a scale of 1-100) Page Rank on Google ( on a scale of 1-10) External Equity links which point to a particular URL Specific age of URL and intended website Score on Social Media ( which is the total count on shares from Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Facebook)

Hence, if you dream of creating a niche in the SEO industry, you have to work hard to improve the DA of your website. Follow the above mentioned points to raise your DA score and simultaneously keep checking the DA of your competitors through the awesome tool discussed above.



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