Buying a used car can be a great idea, you can get a good quality car for a lot less than you’d have to...

Buying a used car can be a great idea, you can get a good quality car for a lot less than you’d have to pay for it new. And on top of that you recycle a car, which is good for the environment. Enough reason to at least take buying second-hand into consideration. But It’s important to be aware of the fact that buying a used car can go wrong as well, so we created a guide of tips that will help you find a good places to shop for second-hand cars while getting a good deal and ending up with the car you loveImage result for Buying a used car; What to look for

Decide on the sort of car you need and your budget

This is always step number 1. You need to know which kind of car you want before you can start looking for it. So make yourself a list of all the features you need or want in your car. These decisions include choices like whether you want a petrol or diesel car and how much space you need in the boot to carry all your belongings around.

Knowing your budget beforehand is essential as well. Looking at all these beautiful cars that you can’t afford is a waste of time and will make you appreciate the more affordable cars, like a Mazda, less when you’ve already got your eyes on a plus Mercedes car.

And when you’re deciding on your budget remember that your total spending will be more than just the cost of the car. You need to count on paying for things like road taxes, fuel and car insurance. This will prevent you from encountering unpleasant surprises.

Timing matters

When you’re buying a used car it not new, but you don’t need to buy a car from the prehistory. The drop in value of a car is by far the biggest in the first year. Take advantage of this by buying a car that is not far from being new but of which the price tag is a lot lower. Besides the age of the car it also matters when during the year you go to a store like the Joe Duffy Group. Prices tend to drop around the quarterly sales which happen at the end of March, June, September and December. This doesn’t mean that you need to wait till the end of December to pick your car though, choose your car a couple months ahead and wait to buy it until the sale goes in.

Try to get an even better bargain

Trying hard to get a bargain isn’t accepted in most stores, but when it comes to car dealers this is pretty much the standard. So get a little bit daring and try to score a discount. A few techniques that will get you a better deal include is threatening not to buy the car or spot some small flaws on the car like small marks. Is this all too much for you? Then you can also ask them for a free add-on to your car instead of an actual discount.

Check the car thoroughly

Before purchasing the car of your dreams for a good price you’ll need to make sure that it is everything you’ve hoped for. You should check the mileage and see if it matches what you expect for the age of the car. Besides this you also have to look for the overall condition, including scratches, the condition of the engine, the oil levels, the radio, the tyres and check if the lights work. If all these things are right, which will be the case at the Joe Duffy group, then it is more than safe to buy the car.

You’re all ready now to buy your own used car. The next step from here is to make a list of all the features you want in a car, set up a budget, or scrolling for a car of your choice. The Joe Duffy group is a perfect place to start when searching a used car, they sell brands like Audi, Volkswagen, Mazda, BMW, Volvo and Ford. What are you still waiting for?


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