With so much being said about cell phone monitoring apps on the web, you are probably already aware of just how beneficial they can...

With so much being said about cell phone monitoring apps on the web, you are probably already aware of just how beneficial they can be for your family and business. Maybe you have decided to invest in one yourself. If that is so, then great. However, there’s just one problem – finding a quality cell phone monitoring app is tricky business. There are an overwhelmingly amount of options available, majority of which are either bogus, malicious, or low quality. Of course, each of these options is marketed as the best product on offer, thus creating even more confusion. To help you avoid the confusion and keep you from making a decision that you’ll regret later, we have outlined four of the most important factors that you need to consider before finally purchasing a cell phone monitoring app.


Variety of Features

This is the first and easily the most important thing that you should be looking at. If you’re purchasing a cell phone monitoring app, then you probably have a few really good reasons for it. To benefit from the app, you obviously require certain features. However, if those features aren’t present in the app that you picked up, then your investment is basically a waste of money.

If you’re under the impression that you’ve seen one cell phone monitoring app, you’ve seen them all, then you’re mistaken. The amount and kind of features you’ll find in a top quality cell phone monitoring app like Mobistealth wouldn’t be found in a low-quality or half-baked variant. Keep in mind that pretty much all apps in the category offer something different, which is why you must go through their features list thoroughly to confirm whether they meet your requirement or not.

Always try to opt for an app that offers a wide range of features. As a general rule, only consider apps that at least offer the following features:

  • Call and surrounding recording
  • SMS, WhatsApp and Skype monitoring
  • Web history logging
  • Location tracking
  • Picture and video logging

If you keep on searching, you will definitely come across monitoring solutions that not only offer the aforementioned features, but also log call details, phone contacts, Gmail, installed applications, and chat apps that often get ignored, e.g. LINE, Viber, and Kik.

Brand Age and Reputation

Looking at features alone can set you up for a huge disappointment. There are many brands in the digital space that claim to be offering a wide range of features, and that too for a very low price, but once you start using their app, you come to realize that you’ve been duped. The importance of the brand behind the product cannot be emphasized enough. The top names in the monitoring industry have put in years of effort into researching, developing, and improving their products. Their experience gives them an advantage that eventually translates into complete customer satisfaction. In contrast, new companies have jumped into the market and relying on their available financial and marketing resources to grab a share of the market from the experienced campaigners. You should always make it a point to do your research on the brand of the product you’re considering and find out what the previous customers are saying. Generally speaking, with age comes experience, and with experience comes mastery.

Price and the Potential Trap

Happy with the features and the reputation of the brand? Then it’s time for you to move to the final and probably make-or-break consideration – price.

Of course no one likes to spend a large chunk of money on a product when a cheaper alternative is available. Be warned though, low-cost strategy is often adopted by brands that know all too well that they can’t compete on the basis of quality. If you are okay making a bit of a gamble, then by all means go for the cheaper options. However, be mentally prepared to regret your decision soon after because that’s how it normally ends.

Apps that cost a little more guarantee satisfaction, and in most cases, they deliver on this promise. Many even offer a full refund in case their app fails to offer expected satisfaction. This certainly makes them a smarter option.

Sometimes you may come across free cell phone monitoring apps. We strongly advise you to stay away from them. These apps are mostly malware that promise enticing features to woo people, and once installed on a cell phone, they steal the data on it and deliver it to a third party. You definitely wouldn’t want to find yourself becoming a victim of this, so exercise caution and avoid such apps.

Well, that’s all the guidance we can offer you on purchasing a cell phone monitoring app that is unlikely to leave you disappointed. We wish you the best of luck in your hunt and hope you find exactly what you’re looking for.


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